Heart’s Way Ranch: Finding Yourself Before Making Your Way Home

If you’re reading this, you or someone you know is considering an important decision following treatment.  And it’s even possible that you’ve been in this very spot before:  Dead serious about quitting, and “for good this time!”  Despite your best intentions, your strongest resolve “to do things different,” and an air-tight plan to never use or drink again, somehow long-term sobriety has eluded you. 

But today you can choose an option that is known to strengthen your chance of continual sobriety.  By moving to a sober living environment after treatment you are now taking another step on the road to recovery. 

Relapse rates for going right back to drugs and/or alcohol after treatment are high.  Returning too quickly to the “all too familiar” without the time and space to truly heal, and to develop the necessary tools for living will often lead you right back to using or drinking.

Twelve step support programs point to the importance and power of community and peer accountability.   Often at the core of addiction and alcoholism lies an unbearable loneliness that anyone who has struggled with these issues can identify. 

Heart’s Way Ranch provides an opportunity to be with like-minded and dedicated women who are serious about fostering their sobriety. Early in recovery, surrounding yourself with women who support your journey of sobriety will be a strong deterrent to relapse.

Addiction and alcoholism become a way a life: A habitual lifestyle that is difficult to change.  Women new in recovery often need help finding healthy alternatives to a lifestyle that has become second nature. Our Resources for Wholeness and Healing  can catapult your progress of recovery, healing your body, mind, soul, and spirit. Learning to manage stress in a more adaptive, balanced way is an important relapse strategy.

One of the hardest things to do when getting clean and sober is to learn to deal with “life on life’s terms.”  Just as difficult for some addicts/alcoholics is learning to have fun and enjoy life sober.  Addicts and alcoholics have medicated themselves for so long that they haven’t the faintest idea of who they are, what they like and don’t like, what they want and what they don’t want. Losing your addiction can leave a gaping hole of emptiness that drugs and alcohol are waiting patiently to refill. Many women who use drugs and alcohol have lost their voice. 

By learning who you are and admitting what you’ve been through, you can identify your strengths and vulnerabilities.  Saying good-bye to your addiction is just the first step in recreating yourself while discovering and living your authentic self assures long term sobriety.   

Early in recovery, people need time and space to figure themselves out.  A traditional 28-day treatment program just begins the process.  Journaling, meditation, music, dance, art, nature, writing, and photography can all be used to dig deeper, explore your inner life, and find your joy.  Check out what a sample week of activities might look like for a Heart’s Way Ranch resident trying to discover what resonates for them.

Heart’s Way Ranch is the perfect place for you to dig deep and build a strong foundation for your recovery.  Heart’s Way Ranch:  lifesaving, life-altering, lifelong.